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Catch your potential customers or event attendees coming and going with A frame signs. A-Frame signs (also known as sandwich board signs) are durable interior/exterior signs that are typically used for sidewalk advertising for retail businesses. Though the ease of setting up, taking down and storing these signs make them a popular option for many other applications as well. Made from heavy duty 100% plastic these signs offer the ability to advertise on both sides and even be weighted with sand or water inside the frame to ensure stability These white sidewalk signs are constructed of polyethylene, a rugged plastic rendering these fixtures perfect for use outdoors. These frames won't rust or splinter over time, unlike wooden a-frames, so they're an economical buy as well since you won't have to keep replacing them. he hinges of this sandwich fixtures are easy to lock and unlock for easy setup, transport, and storage.

Installation: Installation of our A-Frame signs is as simple as carrying it to the desired location and unfolding it. With weather, resistant graphics that are adhered via an adhesive backing or corrugated plastic inserts, setting up your sign is as easy as unfolding a folding chair. For windy or other inclement weather, the frame can be filled with sand or water for extra stability.

Care: Our A-Frame signs are incredibly durable and designed to be used outdoors. Nonetheless, storing them indoors before any extreme weather will preserve your sign for repeated use over the course of many years. Regular washing of either type of graphic using a non-abrasive cloth with very mild dish soap can help keep your sandwich board and graphic looking clean and vibrant.