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Speedy Pros Helps Christian Radio Station to Spread Message of Peace and Love

Speedy Pros Helps Christian Radio Station to Spread Message of Peace and Love

9th Feb 2017

Speedy Pros is proud to participate in "E.M.A.G" Entrepreneurs and Ministries Association organized by the radio station Genesis 680 AM.

The fundamental purpose of "E.M.A.G" is to promote business and Christian ministries in Florida and strengthen businesses located in Tampa Bay Area. Speedy Pros have been providing printing and embroidery services to customer in Tampa Bay for more than 14 years and we are proud to participate in this initiative.

Genesis 680 is focused on promoting peace and strengthening the unity of the Tampa Bay companies and Christian Ministries in Florida. It is our pleasure to help this radio station to spread the message of peace and salvation for all listeners. We work closely with Pedro Luna, Marketing Director, Promotions, Events and Producer of the Morning Show Good Morning Family and the Christian Pastor Isaac Calle Vice-President of Genesis 680 AM to develop products that will help the radio station to achieve their mission.

For the next couple months Genesis 680 AM and Speedy Pros will be involved in a variety of projects to help listeners stay involved with different activities developed by Genesis 680AM . Per Genesis 680AM request Speedy Pros printed a large number of bumper stickers that will be distributed by radio station to its listeners. The objective of this project is to create more direct connection between the station and its listeners.

For those listeners who participate in this initiative, Speedy Pros have created a special discount on all printing and embroidery services. Please give us a call and we'll be happy to help with with all your printing needs. Mentioned this promotion to receive special pricing.


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