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A Frame Banners


Hanging Banners On Walls

Often where floor space is limited, it is great to have hanging banners on walls around your display, especially at a trade show or exhibition. All our standard printing sizes are available as hanging banners: 2' x 4', 3' x 5', 3' x 6', 4' x 8’, as well as any custom size you require.

Order your vinyl hanging banners online, with hangers in wood, acrylic or aluminium for mounting. Hang from buildings, on walls, ceilings or in windows - a professional look is guaranteed. The hangers fit along the banner edge, finishing it off and providing a means of easy mounting. You can use them at the top and bottom, since they also weight the banner to make it hang well.

You can order your hanging banners with grommets and cord, ties and s hooks. Alternative mounting methods are by using hooks and cord attached to hanging clips or end caps, screws or suction cups. There are also magnetic banner hanging systems available where the banner is secured to a magnetic strip for easy installation and removal as required.

SpeedyPros’ wide range of templates and suggestions in our easy-to-use online designer resource helps you get exactly the sign or product you need. For extra assistance, or just a professional touch, our experienced graphic designers are happy to assist you at free of charge.

If you require high resolution printing, we need resolution of 300 dpi, or else 100 dpi is usually totally fine for all-round use. We can accept your design files in any file format: gif, jpeg, png, PDF or tif. Uploads larger than 500 MB may prove difficult to upload. Please contact us if you find this is the case and we can make a special arrangement.

We offer the best available pricing, with quantity discounts and preference for corporate accounts. Why not let us take care of all your artwork, print and marketing needs? SpeedyPros will make sure you or your company is always professionally represented through your hanging banners on your walls, consistent to your corporate identity and requirements.

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