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Photo Art

When you are looking for something stylish and original for your walls, why not consider photo art?

The line between photography and art is becoming increasingly indistinct, with electronic editing and enhancement to create any image imaginable. From holiday snaps, pictures of loved ones and special occasions, to graphically generated adaptations of photographs – everybody displays photo artwork somewhere in their home or office.

Choose your favorite photo edit and let us help you display it to best advantage. SpeedyPros graphic artists are able to assist you professionally to bring out the best in your pictures, whether it is with photo art effects, framing or helping to edit your photo art.

We can accept your artwork in any file format: gif, jpeg, png, PDF or tif. Files over 500 MB may prove difficult to upload. Please contact us if you find that this is happening and we can assist you with uploading your data. If you require high resolution results, we require resolution of 300 dpi, or else 100 dpi is usually totally fine for general use.

Online editing allows you to create the exact image you require before framing or mounting. Photo art can be mounted on acrylic material for a strong, lasting product or printed as murals, prints or posters.

Converting your photo art to a black and white image can add striking interest to the picture, making it suitable for display in any color or monochrome setting. Consider a making collage of related photo art images, or a collection of similar-themed pictures for a gallery effect.

If you would like help with any aspect of our order process or would like us to help create a bespoke design for you, please consult our graphic designers for their free, specialist help and they will be happy to assist you.

There is no limit to what you can achieve with photo art!

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