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How the Right Vehicle Advertising Wrap Could Change Your Business for the Better

How the Right Vehicle Advertising Wrap Could Change Your Business for the Better

Aug 15th 2019

How the Right Vehicle Advertising Wrap Could Change Your Business for the Better

If your business requires you to have cars and other vehicles driving down the road, then you need to consider investing in the right vehicle advertising wrap. That way, every time your cars hit the road, the travel time becomes advertising time as more and more people get to see your message on the vehicle wrap.

Now granted, online advertising and digital marketing are the new best things, but using the right Vehicle Advertising Wrap can still do wonders for your business. And if you are considering traditional marketing, then vehicle wraps have a ROI like no other. This is why we have put together a short read going over How the Right Vehicle Advertising Wrap Could Change Your Business for the Better:

The Impression To Cost Ratio Is Through The Roof

According to researchers, a regular vehicle in a moderately populated road will generate around 3000 impressions per hour. That’s huge! In fact, when you think about it, the one time investment in getting a vehicle wrap vs. how many impressions it generates throughout its lifetime is unparalleled by any other marketing device.

Also, by changing the vehicle’s commute route through areas populated by your target audience, will also make sure that you are able to capture the attention of qualified prospects. And if you are running a purely local business, then vehicle wraps would be excellent for raising brand awareness in your locale, which brings us to our next point.

Helps Establish Local Awareness About Your Business

Vehicle wraps will do wonders if you have just started your local business. An eye-catching car decal will not only grab the attention of the local residents, but will also help build curiosity and trust. The mere fact that your cars are on the road means some of their neighbors are already using your services.

This builds up trust as well as curiosity regarding your service amongst local people. As a result, you will inevitably see a significant rise in your conversion rates, and what business doesn’t want that?

It Will Cover The Entire Car, Even Windows

vinyl wrap can be designed to give a more complete and visually pleasing look. For example, if you cover your car with a full vinyl wrap, then it will cover the vehicle from top to bottom, even including the windows. As you can imagine, this look is really amazing and unique, and will definitely catch a lot of eyes down the street.

Furthermore, the windows are covered using perforated vinyl wraps. This makes sure that you can see the outside while you're inside your car. Whereas people on the outside will only see the design as it appears opaque to them.

Cheaper Than Traditional Paint Jobs

The obvious alternative to car decals and vehicle wrapping is a regular paint job. But if you consider it for the long run, a good paint job will cost you a lot more compared to vinyl wraps. Furthermore, the price of paint jobs can skyrocket if you are considering to use complicated designs to cover the entire car.

In comparison, wraps are far less expensive, even if you cover the entire vehicle. And once you have settled for a design, more wraps can be printed relatively cheaply. So, from a financial standpoint, vehicle wraps make the most sense, especially if you are a fleet owner.

Might Increase Car Resale Value

There is a myth in the industry that car wraps can decrease your car resale value. While that’s not true at all, the contrary might be possible. It is true that unconventional paint jobs can detract the money you will get from selling your car. This is because the buyer might not like your choice in design, forcing them to spend extra for a new design or paint work.

However, since car wraps can be easily removed, it rarely reflects any annoyances with the buyers and doesn’t affect your resale value. Furthermore, wraps are very durable and can provide an extra layer of protection to your cars, safeguarding them from the elements and regular wear and tear. So once you take off the wrapping, your car will look absolutely brand new, which can help you negotiate a better deal while selling your vehicle.