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Acrylic Prints

Since it is a relatively new print medium, we are often asked ‘what are acrylic prints?’

Often called acrylic glass prints, since the effect is similar to printing on glass, acrylic prints are actually digitally printed in High Definition (HD) onto high quality metallic photographic paper and face mounted onto an acrylic block.

Acrylic photographic prints provide a high gloss image that is tough and durable, extra-suitable for potentially damp or humid areas, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

No frame is needed – the acrylic wall print is polished at the edges, giving a satisfying thickness and quality to the finished picture which can then just be float mounted. The glossy shine of the acrylic surface brings colors to life, adding vibrancy and especially great for landscapes and images of nature.

Comparing acrylic prints vs canvas prints is a matter of preference. Whereas the canvas adds its grainy texture to the image, acrylic material provides a thick, shiny protective layer to the picture resulting in a very different end product. When comparing acrylic prints vs metal prints, both have similar hard-wearing properties, but acrylic photo prints can provide the higher level of detail to printing on metal.

Call us for acrylic print offers – your images will last forever in acrylic mountings, used by professional photographers everywhere to display their work, in homes and in art galleries throughout the world. In fact, SpeedyPros are the preferred printers chosen by photographers for acrylic prints from their professional photos.