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License Plates Holders 

Personalised License Plates and Holders Printing

When you need a registration plate, why not order a custom license plate design or license plate holder and be original and different.

SpeedyPros supply state compliant tags, plates and license frames for vehicle identification. Use our online license plate designer templates to personalize your order for yourself or for a gift for the car or motorcycle owner.

Our license plates are printed on strong plastic in full color digital printing. They are durable, weatherproof and UV resistant. Choose the background you want for your license plate idea and design a matching license plate holder for better plate protection.

With no minimum order quantity, you can order single license plates and holders as required with our online designer and license plate generator.

Custom License Plates

For cars, standard 3” x 12” size license plate dimensions can be ordered and customized using our online designer with the colors and backgrounds of your choice.

For motorcycles, standard license plates measure 4” x 7” and are fully customizable using the template provided in our online designer section.

License Plate Holders

Designed to hold regular standard sized car and motorcycle license plates, our license plate holders can be printed in full color to match the vehicle or license plate, as required.

Use company logos, organization badges and colors to make sure everybody knows who you represent or support.


Personalize your License Plates and License Plate Holders from SpeedyPros now!