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Acrylic Wall Art

The latest trend for vibrant, long-lasting décor and special focus pieces for home and office makes extensive use of acrylic glass wall art.

Pictures, photographs, abstract designs and paintings are embedded into acrylic wall art panels to make modern, 3D acrylic pictures. The glass or mirror effect comes from the shiny acrylic material used to protect and enhance the image surface.

Personalized photo acrylic wall art allows you to capture special moments and pictures in time for viewing in your home, forever. For businesses, contemporary acrylic wall art can enhance a bare reception or waiting room wall with color and interest for visitors and employees alike.

When submitting your graphics for your wall art, the inside lines of the diagram indicate the allowable safe zone and cutting margins. Your printing should be contained within the safe zone to make sure that it will be printed correctly and legibly. SpeedyPros have very strict cutting margins, so anything outside these lines could run the risk of being removed. The outer lines indicate the bleed edge, which is the outer edge to which you should extend your color. It is always best to extend a gradient or solid shade of background right to the bleed edge.

Check that all the sizes are appropriate and fonts, images and that the colors you have chosen are going to work and look fantastic. Make as many changes as you need to as we want you to be totally satisfied with your order from us.

You can always preview your acrylic wall art design before clicking on the order button. Carry out any edits required and make sure that everything is exactly as you want it to look before giving your final approval. Our easy order process always allows you to view how the finished product will look before clicking on the order button.

If you would like help with any aspect of our order process or would like us to help create a bespoke design for you, please consult our graphic designers for their free, specialist help and they will be happy to assist you.

This modern medium provides enduring pieces that catch the light and shine out their subject or message to all different viewing perspectives. Let SpeedyPros help you make the best acrylic wall art for all your home and business requirements.