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Professional, compliant Emergency Signs

The importance of emergency signs is sometimes only appreciated when they are needed to provide vital information and help in a critical situation. They indicate the locations of escape and exit routes, safe places for refuge and show important equipment such as fire extinguishers.

A wide range of standard emergency signs are available from Speedy Pros, or custom signs can be made that may provide important life-saving information when needed.

A well chosen, strategically placed emergency sign from Speedy Pros can save lives.


Are there any special considerations for emergency signs?

Yes, they need to be made out of enduring materials, such as metal or plastic, and be compliant to ANSI & OSHA standards. Speedy Pros advisors can help you with your requirements, at no extra charge.


How do I make sure my emergency signs can be seen?

They should be printed in reflective paint, that will glow in low lighting, or they can be designed to be lit when the backup power generators are started, making their visibility independent of the mains supply. 


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