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Truck Wraps Category Descriptions

Truck Wraps Category Descriptions

Aug 7th 2019

Truck Wraps Category Descriptions

A huge vehicle like a truck gives you an incredible amount of real-estate to apply vinyl wraps and graphics to increase your brand visibility and exposure. However, getting a high quality truck wrap especially one that covers the entire vehicle can be somewhat of a challenge.

Luckily, we at Speedy Pros specialize in creating custom truck graphics and vinyl wraps of all sizes, and also all budget constraints. So no matter if you are looking to cover the entire truck with your advertisement message, or simply apply a single brand logo, we have the perfect printing equipments and a team of talented designers to help you out.

Types of Truck Wraps

As stated earlier, our vinyl wraps are as flexible as possible in terms of size and design giving you utmost freedom as to how much of the truck you intend to cover. On top of that, this also gives you financial flexibility in choosing truck wraps that fit your budget.

Full Truck Wrap

A full truck wrap is designed to cover the entirety of the vehicle with a custom graphic. This is mostly used to add an extra flair to the overall look and feel of the vehicle. However, many companies also use the full canvas of the truck to print their advertising messages to help catch most number of eyes and maximize brand exposure.

Partial Truck Wraps

Partial truck wraps as the name suggests, is used to cover parts of the truck like the sides or the back - places which are mostly/easily visible to viewers. Furthermore, since much less materials are used compared to full truck wraps, these are also more affordable and budget-friendly.

These kinds of wraps are also known as semi-truck wraps and are mostly used by companies and other brands.

Vinyl Graphics

Truck vinyl wraps or graphics are the most affordable type of truck covers. If all you want to do is simply apply a label or logo on your company-owned trucks, then there is no need to go too much flashy with a full body vinyl wrap. Instead, you can simply apply the brand logo, phone number, or similar small pieces of graphics, directly on the most visible sides of the truck, like the sides or the rear-end.

Benefits of Truck Wraps

Apart from enhancing your truck's look and feel, and also acting as an excellent branding option, a truck wrap comes with plenty more benefits:

Safeguards From The Elements

A full truck wrap can help you protect your vehicle from dust, debris, and all other ill-effects of the elements, as it drives across long stretches of concrete roads. The wraps will eat up mostly the small damages, so your truck can stay protected.

In the end, you can simply take off the damaged vinyl wrap and replace it, to make your vehicle look brand new.


truck wrap gives you far more customization freedom in contrast to traditional paint jobs. You can specify what kind of wraps you want, specify the graphic styling, and even the dimensions, and we will render your design perfectly. Something that is extremely difficult with car paint.


We use high-quality materials in our truck wraps, which generally has a lifespan of over 7 years. This can last even longer if you follow proper maintenance regimen.

Cost-Effective Investment

Apart from being more customizable and longer lasting than traditional paint jobs, it is also the more cost-effective option if you consider the long run. If you do the numbers, vinyl wraps can save you 30% more money.