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Van Wraps Category Description

Van wraps offer one of the most cost-effective options for advertisement. It offers one of the best ROI when you consider the amount of exposure you receive in contrast to how much vinyl wrap costs. Digital forms of advertisement might bring you a more global reach, but if you are aiming locally, then using van decals and graphics is an excellent option.

Just think about it, a normal billboard or poster is stationary and will only catch the attention of people or vehicles traveling in that particular area. However, if you advertise your brand and message directly over your van, then it can reach out to a huge distribution of people, all throughout its route of commute. Therefore, your natural travel time becomes advertisement time and greatly helps with your marketing and brand building.

Different Types of Van Wraps

Van wraps come in all shapes and sizes. This gives you flexibility in terms of design as well as budget regarding how you want to label your advertisement on your vehicle. Here is a broad overview of the different kinds of van wrap design options available in the market:

Full Van Wrap

A full van wrap is where you cover the entire vehicle with vinyl wrapping. This gives an extremely bold and eye-catching appearance which is sure to capture the attention of people down the road. 

All sides of your van will be covered, including the top, to make sure you get maximum exposure. So whether you are stuck in traffic, or traveling under a footbridge, everyone will be able to see your branding. With that being said, it is also worth noting that a full van wrap is going to be pricey as more material is used. 

However, when you consider, how your fully wrapped van will not only gain more exposure but also have a layer of protection from the regular wear and tear, it does appear to be a great investment.

Partial Van Wrap

Now, if you think a full van wrap is too flamboyant, you can go for a partial wrap instead. It is much more affordable in comparison and gives you almost the same level of brand exposure.

As you can guess, instead of having the entire van covered with vinyl graphics, only the sides and sometimes the back is covered. Since most people will see your van sideways or from the back, it is actually a really good way to get your message across. 

Now, of course, lacking the boldness of a full wrap might hamper your impressionability, but on the flip side, it can do wonders if your brand has a more minimalistic appeal. All in all, it strikes an optimal balance between advertisement cost and effectiveness.

Van Decals And Graphics

Low on your budget, but still, want to print your logo or brand message on your van? Then van decals and graphics would be the way to go. Instead of covering the entire vehicle, or even a part of it, you just attach your brand logo or any other form of graphic to one or both sides.

This way, you can make sure that people get a good look at your brand logo as well as the advertisement message while your van(s) continue on their daily commute.

Why Choose Speedy Pros?

We have spent over 15 years doing various forms of custom printing and embroidery including vinyl wrapping. Our team of talented designers promises to give you the best support and complete customer satisfaction on this side of the Tampa Bay.

We are a family-owned business, and will also treat you like family and give you the best advice and strategy for using vinyl decals and wrappings for your vans. You will be guided through the entire process with professional consultation, strategizing, product management, and installations.

So what are you waiting for, give us a call and get your van(s) professionally wrapped.


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