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Step and Repeat Banners


Step and Repeat Banners

When you need a large background with repeated logos, emblems or images, choose to order our step and repeat banners. Seen often at major events alongside the red carpet, our step and repeat banners stand in the background to display the names of the sponsors and major supporters.

Print accuracy is vital for this type of specialist banner printing, ensuring continuity of the pattern and, importantly, assured visibility of marketing information in any photographs taken. We are very proud of our SpeedyPros step and repeat banners, seeing them pop up at various venues and occasions.

The other critical aspect of this type of print display is the step and repeat banner stand. With such large sizes, the stand needs to be secure, solid and unshakable, even with all the activity going on in front of it. Mounted within a frame, step and repeat banners are usually free standing on large feet that fit onto that frame to stand it securely on a flat surface. Ask us about step and repeat banner stand hire. Stakes may be used for uneven or soft ground.

Seen at fashion shows, premiers, sporting events and launches, we also print step and repeat banners for weddings and parties, schools and organizations. We print for major companies, assuring logo definition and quality as well as corporate color matching. For parties and events, we can help you design a great step and repeat banner that will form the background for all your fun group pictures and remind everyone looking at the photos of the cause for celebration.

Designing a step and repeat banner is easy – use our online template and load your images. You can preview how it will look before clicking the order button to create your step and repeat banner. We ensure that the printing repeats accurately and consistently across your banner to provide a professional finish.

Step and repeat banner sizes most commonly start at 8’ x 8’ and, with 8’ being the standard height, are ordered at 8’ x 10’ and 8’ x 12’. Smaller versions are available at 8’ x 4’, for single photos, rather than large groups. Our full color, high resolution digital printing means that important information on the step and repeat banner design will be visible under all conditions.

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