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Also called foam board or foam core, or even just foam signs, foamboard sign are a great printing option for many signage solutions.

Made of 2 printable cards sandwiching a layer of polystyrene foam, foamboard signs are great for single or double-side messages. Foamboard signs have the advantages of great printability, like cardboard signs, but more durable due to their inner foam layer. They remain lightweight and have a level of durability in weather for outdoor use, though they are best for indoor use and will last for a long time if cared for properly.

PVC foamboard signs are easily mounted or framed in a foamboard sign holder, making foamboard signs ideal for most applications, from important business notices to frivolous birthday signs.

Select from our wide range of free templates to customize your own foamboard sign design. Add your information for any graphics or logos you need, or choose from our considerable graphic library. Pick your colors, font face and enter any text.

Note: When you are submitting your images for the final product, the inside lines of the diagram indicate the safe zone and cutting margin. Your information should be inside the safe zone to make sure that it will be printed correctly and visibly. SpeedyPros have very strict cutting margins, so anything outside these lines could risk being cut off. The outer lines indicate the bleed edge, which is the outer edge to which you should extend your color. It is advisable to extend a gradient or solid shade of background right to the bleed edge.

Finally, check position, size and colors and review your product until you are happy with your sign, indicate your order quantity and any last details or options. Review and then approve by pressing the Order button. 

SpeedyPros is your one stop shop – the first call for high quality printed products that help grow your business and establish your brand. With over a decade of printing experience, SpeedyPros offer the full suite of services for business, retail and personal use. The market leader in customer service, SpeedyPros employs best business practices to produce top quality finished products, on time and at unbeatable prices. 

Get your foamboard signs from us today – you will be so glad you trusted SpeedyPros with your order.

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