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Metal Signs for every Application

We offer a wide variety of sturdy metal signs that are used for various applications. We have security signs, parking signs, OSHA, ANSI, real estate signs, permanent retail signs, directional signs, caution signs, warnings, notices, exhibits, kiosks and more. Our aluminum signs are made to last in any weather condition. Each size is available with hole and corner options that are common in the sign industry.

Metal Signs are used to convey a message, whether it is an important notice about the surroundings, purely advertising material or public information. They need to be clear, uncluttered and easy to read at the required viewing distance.

Various materials are used for metal signage, including paper, card, plastics and metal, according to application and whether the notice is required inside or outdoors, how long it will be required and the size and shape needed. Look at how you will mount or display your metal sign, too, and how much space it should take up. 

A wide range of cost effective custom metal signs can be ordered to meet your exact requirements. Online templates make it easy to design the exact layout required and preview before ordering so you will know how it will look once printed. A library of compliant templates is provided for signs that need to meet official standards. For expert assistance, do not hesitate to ask our graphic designers who have many years of experience in making effective metal signs.


Security Signs

To discourage criminal activity and trespassing, security signs act as a great deterrent. Providing important information on security for a home or commercial property, they can warn or inform of access rules, cctv, patrols and penalties. Signs, stickers and decals need to be prominently displayed for security protection. Even a well designed fake sign can prove very effective.


Safety Signs

Serious safety signage, whether in the workplace or on site, needs to be accurate and compliant. Templates are available for OSHA and ANSI compliant signs for warnings and instructions, with the correct color and text conventions. Signs, stickers and labels need to be clear, color fast and visible to help prevent accidents.


Traffic Signs

For road user instructions, traffic signs can be in standard format, or custom made. A library of standard traffic sign templates is available online to assist with design. These important signs need to be clear, durable and effective in all weather conditions. 


Parking Signs

For indicating parking or non-parking areas, these reflective and durable signs provide valuable directions. Anywhere off-road traffic control is needed; garages, hotels, private properties or just for novelty at home to label your parking spaces on the property. 


Property Signs

To identify homes, farms, private properties or properties for sale, property signs can be made from any weatherproof material. Property entrance signs identify the family name and nature of land use, with logos or images added for illustration. Other property signs provide information about parking, access, pools and safety on private property. 


Facility Signs

Details about the use of amenities on site, as well as important facility messages, often need to be clearly displayed. This can include access information, directions, safety procedures, housekeeping notices and hygiene notes. Other facility signs include pipe markers, transport signage and information on certain materials that require special handling. These are regulated and all details can be found in our online design section.

Street Signs

As well as common street signs, custom signage can be made for private roads, estates, landmarks, footpaths, office parks or other privately owned roads. Often reflective, they need to be visible in all conditions. Compliant standard street sign templates are available online to design your own sign for displaying important information, or just for a novelty gift.


Crossing Signs

Where two pathways meet, information must be provided about right of way, road use, rules, warnings, etc. For crosswalks, street and rail crossings, pedestrian and animal crossings or school crossings, signage is usually required for clarity and the safety of all parties involved.


Novelty Signs

For gifts or parties, at home or at the office, a novelty sign can bring humor and cheer. Raise a smile with a funny sign whether it is on a small magnet or a huge banner. Make somebody’s day and lift the mood with fun in the form of a sign.


Political Signs

Freedom of political expression allows extensive use of political signs for various uses. At election time, candidates use signage to become known to voters. For protests, gatherings and rallies, political signs are carried so large quantities may be needed to enforce slogans. All need to look professional and carry the message clearly to the public.


Emergency Signs

Possibly the most important signs, emergency signs can literally save lives. Templates are provided to assist in making these as effective as possible for use in critical situations. This may include fire, first aid or other emergencies. Signs can detail exit routes, safe places, emergency procedures and the location of emergency equipment.


Whether providing information about safetysecuritytrafficparkingpropertyfacilityemergency or just for fun, a metal sign from Speedy Pros Inc will get your message across first time.


Installation: Aluminum signage can be hung, installed on a wall or placed in stands or frames. Holes can be easily drilled using a metal drill bit. Use rope, string, or bungees to hang, use screws with washers to attach to wood or concrete or use nuts and bolts to attach to posts. 

Care: Simply wipe your aluminum signs with soap and water using a non-abrasive cloth. To keep the signs from denting or warping, do not install them where heavy winds could blow them into other objects.


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