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Crossing Signs for all situations

Crossing signs are common for marking crosswalks, in streets, parking lots and at schools or special events. They raise awareness of potential traffic hazards and help prevent accidents.

Standard crossing signs include warnings to or about pedestrians: Pedestrian Crossing, Pedestrian Traffic or Ped Xing.

Other sings are about animals that may be on a road or track, including buffalo, cattle, chickens, cows, deer, dogs, ducks, horses, moose or even turtles!

If a school Crossing Guard is in place, there is a sign to make people aware of this and to advise them to take care. Similarly, around railroads or stations, signs can indicate where there is a Railroad Crossing, level crossing or grade crossing of the rail track. Supplemental traffic signs may be present, to add more information and qualify the crossing signs. 

Crossing signs are printed or custom made by Speedy Pros for any requirement or application.


Are there any regulations for crossing signs?

Regulations are provided by the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) and Speedy Pros carry templates for sign compliance in the creation of custom crossing signs.


What should my sign be made from?

Crossing signs can be made in metal or plastic, suitable for sustained outdoor use. The printing should be reflective, or the sign illuminated, for greater visibility of the important traffic information.



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