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Food Truck Wraps Category Descriptions

If you run a food truck business, then using a vinyl cover to wrap up your vehicle would be an excellent decision, both in terms of aesthetics as well as marketing. Not only will a food truck wrap enhance the appearance of the vehicle in contrast to its otherwise mundane look, but also advertise your menu at the same time. 

The same applies to food trailer wraps, also known as concession trailer wraps. While on a commute, the wraps can help showcase your delicious items to pedestrians, which might even translate to an immediate sale - remember the ice cream trucks from your childhood?

Now, at Speedy Pros, we specialize in creating custom vinyl wraps for food trucks and other vehicles. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, our team of talented designers and strategists will help you throughout every step, from consultation to installation.

Types of Food Truck Wraps

Our high-quality printers can create finely detailed vinyl wraps that will help flesh out all the flavors of the dishes you choose to showcase through your wraps. We can help you create stunning designs, or simply help you materialize your own custom layout. 

Not to mention, we can also provide you much flexibility in terms of shape and size of the vinyl wraps; therefore giving you leeway to choose a food truck wrap style that fits your budget as well as requirements.

Full Food Truck Wraps

With a full food truck wrap, the entire vehicle will be covered with a vinyl wrap. This is the most “in-your-face” type of advertisement options for food truck wraps. You can rest assured that in its commute, the truck will catch people’s attention. 

However, as the entire vehicle is being covered with vinyl wraps, it is also one of the most expensive options as well.

Partial Food Truck Wraps

Partial food truck wraps are a bit more pocket-friendly. As the name suggests, only a part of the truck will be covered with vinyl wrapping, ideally, the sides and the back, to ensure maximum exposure.

Food Truck Graphics

Food truck graphics or concession trailer graphics offers one of the most affordable means of branding and advertisement on your food trucks. You can simply add a simple logo on one of the sides of the vehicle to market yourself. 

Do note, this might not be one of the most alluring or attention-grabbing forms of branding and is mainly advised for branding necessities.

Benefits of Food Truck Wraps

Aside from marketing and aesthetic purposes, vinyl wraps offer plenty of other benefits as well. Here is a full list of all the awesomeness you can reap from installing a food truck wrap:

Transforms Commute Time To Advertisement Time

Using a food truck wrap, you are able to keep up your advertisement efforts while the vehicle is on the road, going from spot to spot. Using color graphics is sure to catch the eyes of plenty of people on the road, especially when the food truck is waiting at signals. 

Who knows, this can even result in direct sales as a hungry pedestrian wants to order one of your dishes advertised on your food truck.

Unparalleled Exposure to Investment Ratio

Every time, when your food truck hits the road and journeys on its daily commute, it is bound to make 50,000 impressions on a daily basis. This number will only be greater if you function in urban areas. Compare this to other forms of marketing and you will instantly see that the ROI in terms of marketing is off the charts.

Protection From The Elements

Besides helping the truck look good and offer people an idea of what type of food you sell, the food truck wrap will also safeguard the vehicle from natural wear and tear, and also the natural elements like rain and sunshine from spoiling the paint job. 

This will make sure that the actual vehicle is stain-free and in mint condition underneath. Also, if you manage to maintain the wrap with proper care and attention, it is likely to last you over 7 years.


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