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Perforated Graphics Category Descriptions

Perforated graphics or perforated vinyl wraps are extremely useful while doing a full cover for your car/vehicle, and even with storefront windows and corporate buildings. It uses a special type of film - perforated window vinyl to decorate a window or any piece of glass in general.

Once the perforated window wrap is applied, it will become opaque from the outside, but transparent from the inside. Therefore, if you use it on your car windows, you will be able to see what’s on the outside of your car perfectly, but people on the outside will only get to see the graphics you installed.

Now, here at Speedy Pros, we will guide you through the entire process, from consultation to installation, to create perforated window vinyl or custom perforated car decals. With a team of highly talented professionals, state of the art printing machinery, and 15 years of experience in the field, we guarantee customer satisfaction.

How Does Perforated Vinyl Graphics Work?

As the name implies, perforated vinyl graphics uses a thin film will countless numbers of perforations or tiny holes to make it see-through or transparent. As you can imagine, this results in the removal of a significant amount of vinyl, somewhere around 30% - 50%.

Now, in general, a light-colored vinyl is used in this case. For a person on the outside, when they view the light-colored vinyl in sunlight, it will appear opaque, whereas, for people on the inside, it will be completely see-through.

This is because the human eye generally focuses on bright and well-lit areas in contrast to holes or dark spaces. Therefore, people on the outside will only see the light-colored vinyl, therefore giving the opaque feeling. However, the opposite side of the perforated vinyl is dark-colored. This leads to an opposite effect as people on the inside will focus on the outside instead of the dark vinyl wrap giving a transparent feeling.

This makes perforated vinyl perfect to be used on windows of cars, stores, office spaces, and the likes; mostly for advertising and marketing reasons.

Limitation of Perforated Vinyl Graphics

Following the science, the fundamental limitation of using perforated vinyl graphics is the color choices. As we just discussed, it is necessary for the wrapping to have a light color in order for the opaque illusion to work. 

Therefore, the graphics you plan to install needs to be of a lighter shade. However, this doesn’t mean you are barred from using dark colors altogether. It is still okay to use them for lettering and small areas. 

Another thing to keep in mind is using board brush-strokes in your design and font that are larger than 30 points. Remember that around 50% of the vinyl wrap is lost to tiny holes. Therefore finely detailed intricate designs might simply disappear if you are not careful.

Get Privacy and Protection Combined

Perforated vinyl wraps are mostly used in conjunction with full body vehicle wraps. As such it is mostly regarded as an advertising and marketing tool to be installed on glass surfaces which requires transparency for people on the inside, i.e., car windows, storefronts. 

However, it also doubles as an excellent privacy measure as people won’t be able to see what’s on the inside. Furthermore, despite the fact that nearly 50% of the vinyl wrap is lost, it is still extremely durable. You will rarely see any signs of wear and tear as it faces against the harsh natural elements like sunlight, rain, dust, and debris.


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