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Gain Exposure with Political Signs from Speedy Pros

Many organizations and bodies require political signs, including:

  • City Councils
  • Commissioners
  • Communities
  • Counties
  • Courts
  • Districts
  • Educational Institutions
  • Environmental Departments
  • States/Wards
  • Tourism Organizations
  • Unions

Political signs can also be used for voting announcements, general information and promotion of political causes at rallies, protests and gatherings.

The main function of a political sign is to convey a clear message and for this reason they are often digitally printed in full color to emphasize cause and purpose. A minimalist approach is often better for a political sign so that it is easy to read and connects with the required audience.

They must look professional and attractive, whilst being highly legible. Quality is important, but also price, since political signs are often required in quantity and bulk ordering may be necessary.

For single use, foamboard signs provide a quick, affordable option, however, if the political sign is required to be more durable, poly coated cardboard, or milk stock, can be used. This would last for 3 to 4 months and provide a good quality political sign. For sustained or repeated exposure, polypropylene corrugated plastic may be used, as used for most yard signs. Also known as corplast, coroplast or cor-x, this 4mm thick plastic cardboard is light but strong and will easily last for more than 6 months.

Political signs can also be made in different forms, for example as car magnetsbumper magnetswindow decals or various different types of banners.

Let Speedy Pros assist your campaign with a political sign that will gain maximum exposure.


Can you help me to design my political sign?

Speedy Pros has many customizable sign templates that you can use to assist in the design process, including proven political sign layouts. These will ensure you convey your campaign message in the most effective way to help achieve your political objective.


Any special tips for political signs?

Since an important message is to be conveyed, keep political signs clear and fuss-free. Use 600dpi digital printing for absolute clarity and insist on UV resistant inks.




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