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Traffic Signs for every situation

Traffic signs are placed at the roadside, or above the road, to give road users instructions, help or information. They fall into eight categories:

  • Regulatory signs
  • Warning signs
  • Guide signs
  • Emergency management signs (civil defense)
  • Temporary traffic control signs (construction or work zone)
  • School signs
  • Railroad and light rail signs
  • Bicycle signs

Traffic signs that are classified as Guide signs include Street Name signs, Route Marker signs, Expressway signs, Freeway signs, Welcome signs, Informational signs, Recreation and Cultural Interest signs.

All permanent traffic signs have a specific function to perform and, being outdoor signs, need to be durable to last a long time and handle weather conditions whilst remaining effective in delivering their message.

Temporary traffic signs can be made of plastic and attached to posts at the side of the road, for directing road users when there is a detour in place or a traffic alert. 

Other types of signs made by SignDestination for traffic and pedestrian use include street signsparking signs and crossing signsSafety and emergency signs may also be relevant to road users for accident avoidance or incident management.

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What color do I use for a traffic sign?

Certain colors have specific meanings when used as traffic signs:

    • red background, white text - stop signs, yield, and forbidden actions eg. No Parking.
    • green background, white text - informational signs eg. directions, distances, places.
    • brown background,  white text - signs for parks, historic sites, forested areas, ski areas, and camping grounds.
    • blue background, white symbols or logos - rest areas, food, gasoline, hospitals, lodging and other services
    • white background, black or red text - regulatory signs eg. speed limits, parking.
    • yellow background, black text and symbols - warning signs eg. curves, school zones.
    • orange background, black text - temporary traffic control zones and detours associated with road construction.
    • purple background - restricted lanes for toll users.
    • black background, white text or arrows - lane use signs.


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