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Partial Car Wraps Category Description And FAQ

Partial car wraps are a favorite among fleet-owners who are looking to strike a balance between exposure and budget. Here, only a portion of the vehicle - the rear, and the sides are wrapped, which is practically the spaces that get the most visibility. And since you are not using vinyl wraps to cover the entire car, the cost is greatly reduced in comparison to full car wraps.

But how affordable are partial vinyl warps? Will it give you enough customization options? Are there any problems associated with a semi vinyl wrap

All these are valid questions which we will go over one by one:

How Much Will A Partial Car Wrap Cost?

With a partial car wrap, you have the option to either wrap ½ or even ¾ of the vehicle with vinyl wrapping. This includes the complete back of the vehicle, and portions of its sides as well as the top. As such, the quantity of materials consumed will factor into the cost of your partial car wrap. 

Can The Car Windows Be Wrapped?

Yes! Here we use something known as perforated vinyl wrap. It is basically a vinyl sheet with innumerable little holes. Once placed on your car windows, people on the outside of the vehicle will be blocked from seeing what’s inside the car and will only get a glimpse of your advertisement. Whereas, for the car driver and other passengers inside the car, the windows will appear transparent and the outside will be clearly visible.

Will The Vehicle Wraps Damage The Paint?

No. In fact, a good quality car wrap will actually protect your vehicle as well as the paint job that it is covering. It will basically act as a layer of extra protection from the regular wear and tear, and also safeguard your car from the elements. 

How Long Will It Last?

This mostly depends on two factors. Number one would be the complexity of the design. Simple designs tend to last up to 8 years, whereas complex vinyl wraps can show signs of deterioration by the fifth year mark. 

Secondly, it depends on how well you maintain your vehicle wrap. In fact, if you follow all the basics of vehicle wrap maintenance  (which isn’t hard to do), you might even make it last for up to 6 or 7 years.

But with that being said, do remember to take these vinyl wraps professionally examined if you notice any problem. Being in direct sunlight, or being wet for a while can irreversibly damage the wrapping.

Can The Phone Number Or Company Logo Be Changed In The Future?

Generally, your brand logo, phone number, website information, sponsors, or the basic advertisement message is applied as an overlay on the vinyl wrap. This allows you to easily remove and replace any one of these elements as many times you like.

Why Speedy Pros?

Working in the field for over 15 years now, we take pride ourselves in our capacity to deliver 100% customer satisfaction. Our family-owned business comprises of a team of highly talented designers who will make sure your vehicle(s) look great and properly reflect your brand.

And the best part is, you don’t have to worry about a thing. From the initial phases of strategizing to the final steps, when it comes to product management and installation, you can count on us to handle everything seamlessly.


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