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Great Range of Magnetic Items for Home and Business Use

When you don’t want a permanent sign on a metal surface, consider our wide range of magnetic items that are easily removed and replaced.

We print in full color on quality magnetic vinyl material with a laminated finish so our magnetic signs will never smudge or fade. Gripping strongly to any metal surface, they will keep your message firmly in view.

When it’s time to remove, magnetic signs and labels peel off easily without leaving any marks or stickiness on the surface. Store them carefully and you can reuse them as often as you like.

Our magnetic car signs are ideal for converting any vehicle into a commercial vehicle, when necessary. Try our promotional fridge magnets, magnetic name badges, photo magnets, calendars and book marks for corporate giveaways and souvenirs.

Upload your logo and designs into our online designer or call us or pop in for expert assistance from our graphic designers.

Fridge Magnets

Perfect for schools, businesses, events and even personal gifts, our high quality, full color fridge magnets make sure your details are kept highly visible.

Magnetic Car Signs

Where temporary vehicle marking is required, use our car magnets to display the company logo and livery. They can be easily removed when not required.

Magnetic Name Tags

Issue all members or personnel with magnetic name tags to make sure visitors know their names and designation. Also useful for advertising when out and about.

Photo Magnets

For that extra special touch, add a picture with one of our photo magnets. Ideal for gifts and mementos, make them personal with your favorite photos.

Magnetic Signs

Where a sign is needed for a metal surface, use our magnetic signs, digitally printed in full color. Order now using our online designer.

Magnetic Calendar

Choose a template and advertise your details all year round with this handy magnetic calendar that will be kept in a highly visible place.

Magnetic Business Cards

Why not make your business cards magnetic? Our full color digitally printed magnetic business cards work well to make sure people keep your contact details.

Magnetic Labels

For use on any metal surface, magnetic labels are ideal when you want to change or re-order shelves, drawers or boxes. Available printed or blank for write-on.

Magnetic Numbers

Magnetic numbers make learning fun. Printed in bright colors, they can be manipulated to add, subtract, divide and multiply. Also useful for commercial applications.

Bumper Magnets

When you don’t want a bumper sticker, try our bumper magnets. Just as easily designed and printed using our online designer, but easier to remove from your vehicle.

Magnetic Yard Signs

For slapping onto your gate or any metal surface, consider a magnetic yard sign. Create festive yard signs that change with the seasons for your house name and numbers.


SpeedyPros magnetic items are designed to last and stick firmly to any metal surface. Order yours now!