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Project management 

Project Management involves strategic planning for successful implementation of plans and schedules. It is key to the success of project implementation and minimizes risks and costs to both customer and supplier.

Your SpeedyPros Project Manager acts in your best interests, whether it is for the entire scope of the project or simply within a specific phase where specialist attention and advice is needed. They provide you, the customer, with comprehensive details of the technical and administrative aspects of your project.

Expert Project Management assistance from SpeedyPros extends to all stages of the project; from inception to delivery and even implementation, where necessary. Printing and branding projects are tailored to your requirements, always taking into account any special requests or stipulations you may have.

Communication is always key to project success which is why SpeedyPros assigns a Project Manager to every task to ensure clear, frequent communication throughout the duration of the project. Regular feedback ensures alignment with the original specification and also adherence to agreed timing.

SpeedyPros Project Management Services include:

  1. Initiation

  • Defining customer specification and project scope

  • Consulting and Needs Analysis

  • Recommending alternatives and additions

  • Selecting appropriate technology

  • Determining budgets

  • Ensuring consistent Brand Identity

  • Incorporating special requirements

  1. Planning

  • Segmenting into steps

  • Scheduling the timeline

  • Defining execution processes

  1. Execution

  • Performing the work according to plans and schedules

  1. Monitoring and Control

  • Verifying progress to planning and timing

  • Informing customer of progress

  • Handling any changes or decisions that arise

  1. Closing  

  • Delivering completed project to customer

  • Confirming end products meet requirements

  • Ensuring documentation completed

  • Specifying Terms and Warranties

SpeedyPros Project Management Services ensure the success of your project.