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Boat Wrap Category Description

Boat wraps or boat graphics can help you enhance the overall look and feel of your watercraft, all the while offering protection from the harsh elements of nature. Furthermore, in comparison to regular paint jobs, a boat vinyl wrap is far more affordable in the long run and can be easily removed/customized according to your discretion.

Now at Speedy Pros, we have over 15 years of experience in printing and embroidery. If you feel like your boat requires a new makeover, then come to us to apply some awesome boat wrap designs as well as boat graphics to stand out from the crowd.

A Team Of Talented Graphic Designers

We are a family-owned business providing custom printing services at the Tampa Bay area. If you are in town, then come by our one-stop store to get help and advice about your boat wraps needs. We will help you through the entirety of the process, from consultation and strategizing, to Installation and Product Management.

Vinyl Wraps For All Types Of Boats

Our vinyl wraps  come in all shapes and sizes to give you as much flexibility as possible, in correspondence to your needs and budget. 

Here is a quick look at the different types of boat wraps we do, so you can get an idea if your watercraft will get proper servicing at our place.

Fishing Boat Wraps

Fishing boat wraps are the most common type of boat wraps we do from time to time. Here we generally create custom boat graphics to cover both the interior as well as the exterior of the watercraft.

Speed Boat Wraps

Speed Boat Wraps are the second most common type of projects we get. Most users are looking for partial wraps, as they can enhance the overall aesthetics of the vehicle without adding too much weight.

Sail Boat Wraps

Now Sail Boats are generally eye-catching on their own. But if that’s not enough to impress your friends and family, then our team can work out some excellent classy and modern looking wraps to help bring things to the next level.

Yacht Wraps

As you can imagine, getting a vinyl wrap ready for a Yacht is a big job, be it covering it with a full or partial wrap. But whatever's your requirement, our team, and printing machines, are ready to handle the job.

We can help you decorate both the exterior as well as the interior of the Yacht with custom designs to leave your friends speechless.

Commercial Wraps

If you own a commercial boat, then you should know how big a role the appearance play in gaining the people’s attention. But as you have seen, we provide custom wraps, so that you can properly cover your marine-craft to not only display your intended message and branding but also for added protection.

The Benefits Of Getting A Boat Wrap

Now, installing a vinyl boat wrap isn’t simply about enhancing the graphics and the overall look and feel of your watercraft. Our high-quality boat wraps will also provide additional benefits which shouldn’t be overlooked.


Our vinyl wraps are well crafted to ensure that the boat hull is protected from waste and damage. Furthermore, the professionally designed wraps also won’t leave behind any residue if you choose to remove/replace the wraps.


You have complete customization control over what kinds of wraps to apply, the graphics, its dimensions, and everything else. Just tell us what you need, and we will make it happen.

Easy to Repair

As the boat vinyl wrap protects the watercraft, it might be subjected to scratches and dents. This can be easily repaired to make it look brand new. 


Our high-quality wraps last as long as 7 years with proper maintenance.

Environmentally Friendly

Traditionally used boat paint is known to be toxic to marine life. However, vinyl wraps are not known to pose such threats and are considered a far more eco-friendly alternative.


If you are calculating in the long run, boat wraps will save you 30% more money compared to traditional marine painting.

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