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Security Signs for all applications

A well-placed, clear and concise security sign can save money, time and heartache. Keeping your property safe and your loved ones protected is a priority. Signage to discourage criminal activity has been proven to be very effective.

Security signs at work show consideration for employee and client safety, as well as helping protect valuable company property and assets. Clear signs remove the possibility of ambiguity and indicate correct security policy. carries a wide range of standard security signs for many applications, including the following examples:

  • Patrols: Guard on Duty, Beware of the Dog, Dog Patrol
  • Surveillance: CCTV and Video Camera advice
  • Access: Do Not Enter, Restricted Area, No Access, No Trespassing
  • Gates: Automatic Gates, Please close the gate, Staff Entrance Only
  • Street signs, Traffic signs and Parking signs
  • Construction, Industrial and Maritime signs for security as well as for health and safety

Custom security signs can be made with specific application details for:

            Private properties

Commercial premises

            Security companies

            Crime prevention programs

            Neighborhood watch organizations


Security signs are made of metalplastic or acrylic for maximum durability. They are secured to walls, fences, posts or stakes at the property they are protecting with bolts or screws and washers.


Stickers or window decals can also be used as alternative or additional visible security signs to deter unwanted activity.


Stop crime before it starts with a security sign from


Can I design my own security sign?

Yes. Custom signs can be designed using our easy online templates or simply call our designers for assistance. 


Just decide what text you want to see on your security sign and some color choices and speak to our experts. You can also provide images and logos to be printed on your custom sign.


What will my sign look like?

You will be able to preview your sign, online, to see exactly what it will look like. This helps you to proof your design to check all information is correct and make sure it meets your requirements, before printing.


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