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Smart, Compliant Facility Signs 

For office, workplace and school, facility signs provide directions, advice and general information. On walls and doors, in outdoor areas or special function rooms, such as kitchens and restroom areas, facility signs are everywhere. 

Facility signs carry information about the use of amenities, so may be found on private property or business premises, warehouses, farms, hospitals or in public places. 

Facility signs can display:

  • Access information e.g. Ramp, No Entry
  • Directions e.g. Reception, Restrooms      
  • Safety advice e.g. Floor cleaning in progress
  • Management policies e.g. No Smoking
  • Environmental tips e.g. Recycling, Save Water
  • Emergency info e.g.  First Aid, Fire Equipment
  • Parking regulations e.g. Permit Holders Only
  • Housekeeping notes e.g. Please use refuse bins
  • Hygiene hints e.g. Wash your Hands please
  • Limitations e.g. Maximum 20 persons, No Dogs
  • Security notices e.g. Guard on Duty, CCTV
  • Regulation limitations e.g. Designated Smoking Area

Some facility signs have very specific purposes, include pipemarking signs and OSHA, ANSI and ISO compliant safety signs for industry, as well as special signs for the oil, gas and transport sectors. These are heavily regulated and signs must follow the legislated formats. can help with templates for sign compliance.

Ensure your premises are safe, compliant and easy to use by keeping everybody fully informed with Speedy Pros facility signs.

What material should I use?

Choose the appropriate material for your application from metalplasticacrylic or foamboard or make your facility sign into a decal or sticker. 

Can you help with sign compliance?

Yes. We provide a full range of OSHA, ANSI and ISO safety sign templates to assist with facility sign compliance and our printing experts will be happy to advise you.


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