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Business Signage: 5 Tips To Get Your Sign Working For You

Business Signage: 5 Tips To Get Your Sign Working For You

Dec 21st 2017

5 Tips To Get Your Business Signage Working For You

Ask Yourself: “What Am I Missing?”

Having trouble gaining traffic? Unsure how to grow your target audience? Looking to make your company stand out from the competition? What am I missing? What about your signage?

Think About It:

When a business starts up many things are pushed to the background as unimportant aspects of your company. Things like branding and signage often fall by the wayside as things that come with time and practice when in fact they are the most useful tools of your successful business and all within your control.

Did You Know….

According to statistics from the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) depending on the city and its population, a single vehicle wrap can generate between 30,000 and 70,000 DAILY impressions. Imagine if you own a delivery service or cater for events. Vehicle wraps allow you to take advertising with you everywhere you go and widen your audience base. Next time you’re driving about during your busy day, see how many business vans, delivery trucks and construction vehicles are sporting an easy to spot vehicle wrap and how they make you feel about that business or market. It may surprise you how many you notice.

What’s The Bottom Line?

You have the power! To make your business signs work for you, that is. You control the look, the feel and the quality of your business and the information about your business as well. Everything you put out, not just your products but your business cards, work uniforms, brochures even your shipping and packaging tell a thousand word stories every time they catch someone’s attention. Let these tips help guide you to optimizing your signs to boost your business.

1. Gather Information:

  • Research is an endeavor most find taxing and confusing, particularly when you aren’t even sure what it is you’re looking for. One way to make this easier is by finding one aspect of your business that needs improvement and start your search from there. Look around where your business or services are located. What do you see? Who’s the target audience? Are you hiring? Do you have new products coming soon? Are you having store promotions or sales? Where are your bathrooms located? What are your business hours? How are others able to find out about these things visually? This is a part of what is known as “Inbound Advertising”, a way to get customers to come to you and instead of going out of your way to get their attention. Once you take a moment to ask yourself these questions, you’ll find the answers come easier.

2.Location, Location, Location!

  • Think About This…
  • Grocery stores will often place colorful boxes and bags of sugary treats snacks and cereals on the lower shelves. A distracted parent sticking to a list and a budget won’t be looking toward the ground, but those shelves are perfect height for the children they market to. They are also within reach, so once it’s in the child’s arms they are more likely to convince mommy and daddy to buy it for them. That is the power of proper product placement.

3.Simple and Clear

  • When we think about success, we often tell ourselves that bigger is better but flashy fonts and special effects can clutter your message and confuse the eye if it doesn’t fit your message. The best signs are easy to read because the letters are enlarged or emboldened. The color of your font should stand out significantly from your background allowing for greater visibility from a distance. And if your business is a store front, it may be a good idea to invest in a light source so that even at night customers can see that you are accessible to them.

4.Change is a good thing

  • When was the last time you updated your inventory? Or informed your customers of a promotion or new event? Have your aged signs lost some of their luster? It is important to periodically update or renovate your business while making sure across all platforms your message is uniform and fresh to the eyes of your customers. Check to see if your outdoor signs are weathered, faded or rusted due to exposure. Think about using non-traditional materials to make your signs stand out like foam which is versatile and affordable.

5.Know The Rules

  • Did You Know…
  • ADA compliance requires every room that is a permanent space (a room not likely to change function like a bathroom) to have an ADA complaint sign that identifies that room. For more information see Section 7 of the ADA Guidelines from the Department of Justice .
  • This and other regulations are enforceable by law so it is important to think about the types of signs you MUST have versus ones that are mainly for aesthetics. This also circles back to our tip about location. Making the must-have signs visible requires attention to the layout of your property. Check with local and state policies for specifics your business or storefront.
  • So, What Have We Learned?
  • Your signage is the one aspect of your business that provides 24 hours a day 365 days a year of continuous advertising for your services. Knowing that and the importance your signs have on customers both new and old you can take this information and make your signage truly work for you! Happy Signing!
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