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Top 6 Common Myths Related To Vinyl Car Wraps

Top 6 Common Myths Related To Vinyl Car Wraps

Jul 12th 2019

The market revolving around car wraps is relatively new, with changes in technologies and materials every now and then. As such, there is a lot of misconception as well as misinformation circulating around the block that might give you a false impression about vehicle wraps and car graphics.

People have come up to us making insane claims about a simple vinyl wrap. Some are are silly, but some are so frequent that we felt like busting these myths before people start believing in them like superstitions.

And so, for the purpose of this read, here are the top 6 common myths related to Vinyl Car Wraps.

Vinyl Car Wraps Can Damage The Original Paint Job

It is absurd how this myth came to be when in reality, using a vinyl wrap can actually help protect the paint job. However, you need to make sure that it is already in good condition and fully cured before applying the vehicle wraps or putting on any car graphics.

Also, don’t let the car wrap material stay wet for too long. The water can mix in with the air pollutants to form an acidic mixture which can damage the wrapping and eat away the car paint. If you notice that the vinyl wrap is developing a brownish color, then quickly get it removed by a professional.

Speaking of which…

Removing Vehicle Wraps Is A Nightmare

Vehicle wraps use a really strong, high-endurance adhesive. This probably led to the idea that once applied, it can be really hard to remove. But in reality, the extraction part is thought off as early as during the manufacturing process.

The adhesive uses a concoction of chemicals that will easily come off if you apply a little heat. You also don’t have to worry about any residue staining the appearance. However, do make sure not to keep the vinyl wrap on for longer than the recommended time frame.

Vehicle Wraps Will Burn A Hole In Your Pocket

Just like anything, the car wrap cost will rise and drop depending on the car wrap material, the look you were going for, the message, and so on. So if it is a highly detailed and fancy wrap, it is going to be expensive.

But for the most part, car wraps are far more affordable compared to traditional painting. Also, from a cost per impression analysis, a vinyl wrap is the most affordable form of advertisement in the market.

The Vinyl Wraps Don’t Last Long

With proper maintenance, vehicle wraps can last anywhere between 5 - 7 years. So what gives this myth so much traction? Well, it's the “maintenance” part! Many people take care of vinyl as if it is regular paint, which it is not.

You need to wash it regularly, make sure there are no fuel spills or bird droppings on the car wrap material, and keep it away from any extreme weather conditions including the scorching heat of the sun. If you check these boxes, then your car wrap will not betray you.

You Shouldn't Apply Car Graphics On The Vehicle Windows

Car wraps are designed to cover the entirety of the vehicle, including the windows. As people from outside the car don’t get to see inside the vehicle with the graphics applied, they think it's the same for the people inside as well.

However, graphics applied near the window area uses a perforated window wrap which is completely see-through and doesn’t compromise visibility.

You Are Not Permitted To Wrap Leased Cars

Yes, some car leasing companies might prohibit car wraps in their contract directly, in which case, you will not be able to wrap your leased car. However, it is highly unlikely, and you can simply check your contract and agreement to see if you are bound by such clauses.

For the most part, vehicle leasing companies were the first to accept vinyl wrapping. Many companies even send the cars directly to wrapping facilities before leasing them out to their customers. Wrapping is a common practice, and most leasing companies have no issue with it.